Sample Preparation


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Sample Preparation

Loring Labs has developed meticulous sample preparation techniques over the years because of our belief that the value of sample preparation cannot be underestimated. At Loring Labs, our clients can be assured that the data presented for any sample, is representative of the sample received.

Assay and Geochemical samples are prepared in completely separate and isolated areas to prevent any possibility of contamination.

Various custom procedures are available to assure the highest accuracy when dealing with material that is difficult to homogenize, such as high grade ore and others.


Geochemical samples (soil, silt, sediments) should be collected in Kraft bags and clearly marked with waterproof ink.
Rocks and drill cores should be collected in appropriate size plastic bags, clearly labelled on outside of bag with waterproof ink, and a numbered assay tag should be placed in each bag.
Fill out and enclose an analytical requisition form.
Advice on shipping in terms of speed and economy is available on request.

Loring Laboratories Ltd. has a daily air cargo and bus pick-up to ensure quick turn-around time.


ALL international samples should be marked:"GEOLOGICAL SAMPLES - NO COMMERCIAL VALUE ", referring to Canada Customs Tariff # 29500-1 and/or 69900-1 and addressed to:

200, 2421 - 37th AVENUE N.E.


We are proud of our ISO Registered Quality System

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