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Quality Control, Quality Assurance & Safety


Loring Laboratories (Alberta) Ltd. recognizes that to succeed and be profitable we must consistently meet or exceed our customer's requirements and expectations for the quality, performance and, in addition, the cost of the services we provide. Quantitative and quality objectives based on specific methods of measurement are established to ensure the soundness of our system. Managers who are responsible for these measurements are held accountable for their results.

Our Quality Manual defines the Quality Management System as it applies to Loring Laboratories (Alberta) Ltd. of 629 Beaverdam Rd.NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is based on the current version of International Standard ISO 9001:2008.

Loring Labs management, personally affirm our commitment to enhancing the Standard and we fully support the provisions of the manual and solicit the active partnership of all our employees in it's implementation, throughout the organization. Implementation of these policies ensures that we consistently meet the quality and performance requirements of customers in a timely and cost effective manner. Loring laboratories (Alberta) Ltd. is committed to providing total customer requirements and satisfaction by continually improving our system through management reviews, training, corrective and preventive action, internal audits and WHMIS training.

Loring Labs management is dedicated to providing analytical results validated using conscientious quality assurance and quality control programs. Only ASTM procedures, published standard methods, government or validated in-house methods, are used. We are totally committed to maintaining our high standards through the incorporation and to steadfast compliance with ISO 17025:2005.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) are reviewed annually and revised periodically as needed. Revision dates and summary of changes are documented in each SOP. This Quality Assurance Manual documents our quality system to demonstrate the company's ability to consistently provide excellent service to our clients.

Our QA/QC Program includes running in-house validated standards with each batch of samples run, also duplicate samples and blanks are included in each daily run of samples. The standard's results have to be within the standard deviation and accuracy, or the entire batch will require rerun.


QA and QC checks: QA and QC checks are used as control measures to maintain the validity of the test results, (i.e. to ensure that the uncertainty of measurement does not vary with time but is constant
and a reliable measure of the quality of the test results provided by Loring Laboratories.

We have an internal QA/QC program to ensure the results are within
the 95% confidence level. Loring Laboratories has registration with ISO90000:2001 in 2009 and we are working towards ISO17025 in
certain analysis.

On each batch of samples undergoing analysis, there is a chemical blank, a standard and a duplicate for every 20 samples.

We are proud of our ISO Registered Quality System






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