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Data Processing


LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System is the software system used by Loring Laboratories to manage samples, lab users, instruments, standards and other laboratory functions such as workflow automation. Our LIMS system is configured specifically for our use and security mechanisms such as login and password are in place to protect our clients testing results.

Implementing LIMS supports Loring Laboratories information gathering, decision making, calculation, review and release of results. Use of this system ensures that the Standards of ISO and good laboratory practice are covered and that our clients are ensured consistency and reliability of their data.

Laboratory Information Systems Solution reduces paperwork, errors and uncertainty and optimizes laboratory workflow, from data collection to the certificate of analysis. It integrates operations with other business areas and generates cost savings through automation and better utilization of resources.

Key Benefits
> Optimize laboratory workflow
> Significant cost saving through automation
> Integration with your plant proesses and business systems

At our clients request, Loring Labs can provide the following data processing services:

»Store analytical data on disk.
»Provide copies of stored analytical data (sent to client by courier or e-mail).
»Generate basic statistics:
»Summary statistics (means, standard deviation, geometric means)
»Generate histograms
»Distribution analysis
»X-Y Correlation matrices

Clients are recommended to contact Loring Laboratories Ltd. to arrange for their computer service needs and for information on costs.

We are proud of our ISO Registered Quality System

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