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Chain of Custody

At Loring Laboratories appropriate Chain-of-custody procedures have been established and are meticulously maintained. It is our policy to always follow chain-of-custody procedures whenever samples and data are collected, transferred, stored, analyzed, or destroyed. A secure chain of custody, combined with the use of proper analytical methods and techniques, is necessary for a legally defensible reporting of the sample. In addition, it is also good scientific practice to guarantee the identity and integrity of the sample and data from collection through reporting of the test results.

The LIMS system used at Loring Laboratories, automatically tracks a complete chain of custody for each custom-defined action performed on a sample throughout that sample's life cycle in the lab. This is vital to ensure data integrity, security and compliancy.

Loring Laboratories is dedicated to following these Fundamental Guidelines:
Keep the number of people involved in collecting and handling samples and data to a minimum.
Only allow people associated with the project to handle samples and data.
Always document the transfer of samples and data from one person to another on chain-of-custody forms.
Always accompany samples and data with their chain-of-custody forms.
Give samples and data positive identification at all times that is legible and written with permanent ink.
Use flowcharts to track the movement of reagents/supplies, samples, chain-of-custody forms, and records through the flowchart.

Procedures for Samples include:
• Sampling Preparations
• Sampling Operations
• Sample Transport
• Receipt, Storage, and Transfer
• Sample Analysis

• Sample-Data Recordkeeping


Procedures for Data include:
• Data Acquisition
• Data Identification
• Data Processing and Recordkeeping

To download the
Loring Laboratories Chain of Custody Forms

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